How to Transfer and Share Audiobooks Between Two Kindles

How to Transfer and Share Audiobooks Between Two Kindles

If you plan to transfer and share audiobooks that you have stored on a Kindle and want them on another Kindle, then you’ll be able to do this process in a simple and easy way.

Since the e-book reader or the Amazon Kindle is popular among avid readers, friends can transfer and share audiobooks that they have stored on an Amazon Kindle to another Kindle. This article will provide the necessary steps so that they will be able to do it. 

1. Start connecting the Amazon Kindle to your computer using the USB cable provided for your e-book reading device so that you can transfer your audiobooks. Take note that the Kindle image or icon needs to display on your computer in the same area or spot of where you’ll generally locate the external USB drive.

2. Open your electronic reading device or Kindle so that you can view a folder with a label ”Audible”. Once you can see this folder, begin to transfer it to your computer’s desktop. Use the same computer when dismounting the first Amazon Kindle then connect the second Kindle that you want to use in order to receive these audiobooks. Use the USB cable provided for the next Kindle or e-book reading device.

3. Transfer the folder entitled ”Audible” from your computer desktop to the second electronic reading device after you open your Amazon Kindle. Select “Replace” or “Yes” if you’re able to receive a notice because this will allow you to choose whether you want to replace the folder already on your Kindle or not. Once you had chosen an option, dismount your electronic reading device from your computer. The important content that you recently transferred will now display in the “Home” screen.


If you want to learn more about using your new Amazon Kindle or e-book reader, just visit the official website at  

Take note that you’ll be also be given notice to register your e-book reading device with an Audible the very first time that you’ll play any Audible audiobook in your new Amazon Kindle.

It’s advisable that you register with your new Audible account name and password but not your Amazon Account Credentials.

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